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Within the borders of our authorities, we are foremost specialized in:

investigating the past

Educations, possible criminal past, business effectiveness in past jobs, behavior in social surroundings, close and distant relatives, habits, possible vices etc, information that can be essential for an employer in choosing candidates for employment and running personnel policy. The right selection is also a major step in preventing potential damage that could be caused by making the wrong choice.

Disturbances in employee’s conduct such as depression, substandard performance of employment duties, disturbed relations with co-workers etc. can be a consequence of numerous reasons. Opportune locating the cause and running the procedures to eliminate them will increase your business efficiency and prevent possible greater consequences.

investigating legal persons

We are authorized and trained to investigate business effectiveness of the company you are planning to collaborate with or broaden your collaboration. Within the borders of specified, we can collect information about the number of employees, the obedience of completing duties towards employees and business partners, immovable and movable possessions, actual business arrangements, the founders and people in charge and their possessions, as well as other information according to your bidding.

secret investigation

Theft, drugs and alcohol issues, disregarding internal rules of conduct, immoral behavior and additional possible deviations can seriously damage business processes in your company. Our presence in your company will discover the listed problems, possible weaknesses of the internal organization in the segment of security, and furthermore, suggest certain measures for their elimination.

On our market, forging and distribution of the products of recognized manufacturers is common. Bad quality of such products causes disbelief towards the product in consumers; finally, it directly harms the manufacturer. Revealing the distributors and manufacturers of such products recovers probable damage of your company and prevents further harmful consequences.


We are also equipped and trained to perform surveillances of all sorts, in which events, contacts and other activities of persons in a given time are registered. The course and discovered details of surveillance are processed in a form of a written statement which is promptly delivered to the employer.


According to your request, we will also perform other activities that are under the authority of a private detective.